Stay in the [work]flow.

Imagine workplace tools working for you, not against you. We create workflow solutions that power any cross-functional, collaborative activity.

When workflows and tools meet

Projects adopt and use tools, but there’s no global methodology on how and in which order tools should be applied to maximize productivity. A traditional model for collaboration is known as a hub and spoke network. A hub is an anchor platform that provides a general stack of features (i.e., Internal communication tool), while a spoke is a secondary entity that offers a complementary, more specific set of features (i.e., CRM system).

Friendly Flows enables quick, cross-functional, collaborative activities through embedded workflow design tooling that facilitates the link between hubs and spokes.

Introducing SkillScape

SkillScape meets employees in their hybrid collaboration environment (Microsoft Teams), and enriches their professional network, accelerates their career development journey and gets work done faster with the help of a strong employee community that goes beyond boarders and organizational silos.

Have any questions?

The Friendly Flows team is excited to meet you and learn more about your business processes. Don’t hesitate to get in contact if you have any questions or want to request a demo.

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