SkillScape is a Microsoft Teams application which allows an organization to build a skills community. Colleagues can create requests for any kind of help they need. These requests are matchedwith colleaguesby an AI engine based onskills.

You will interact with SkillScape through your private Teams chat. Here, you can create new requests which are matched to colleagues based on skills. Also, you are able to edit your profile to add your skills, which will be used in the request matching.

You can update your profile via the SkillScape chat. Your profile has to be updated when you first install the app, otherwise you can update your profile as follows:

Finish editing your profile and make sure you share the app with a colleague to properly finishupdating your profile. We have this as part of the updating profile flow to ensure the app keeps being shared to new colleagues. The app works best if there is a large number of employees to match requests to.

Licenses can be managed via Normally only users who purchase seats can manage the licenses for their organization. In the test tenant for certification, all users are able to access this dashboard. Licenses allow users to create an infinite amount of request.

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